Saturday, June 02, 2007

D.C. School Voucher and Choice program working, so why is it at risk?

Competition, it improves customer service, promotes lower prices, and makes a better product across the board. It works in the restaurant, retail, grocery, and service industries to name a few. What about competition in our school systems and giving parents the right to choose were there kids go to school through the use of a voucher system? Think it is crazy?

Well School vouchers and parents right to choose is working in D.C. The parents and children love the system. So why is the program in jeopardy, because funding for the program is up and democrats are now in charge. They don’t like school choice because they don’t think the program is fair.

Of course the real reason the democrats don’t like it is because teacher unions don’t like it, and they are huge contributors to the Democrat Party.

Nothing improves the product like competition. Nothing frightens the teacher's union like competition. Will democrats really send 1,800 kids back to failing schools?

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