Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bush Calls on Iran to Release U.S. Hostages

Well, I am not sure how this hapened, but this story slipped right under my radar. I didn't even know Iran was holding American hostages. Of course the media is calling them detained U.S. citizens, probably because hostage is such a hostile word toward Iran. Wouldn't want to make Iran look anyworse than they already are, might offend them. Of course here at MTCW, I don't worry about such useless things as political correctness so I will call them what they are, which is hostages.

Apparently, Iran has been holding these U.S. hostages for a month now and Bush is had enough...yep...he finally spoke out and called for the "detainees"to be freed "immediately and unconditionally."

Oh, what strong words from the President, and based on our track record from dealing with Iran, I am sure they are shaking in their turbans and will return these hostages immediately.

President Bush waited over a month to respond to this, and White House aides said the president broke his silence because of Tehran's decision to charge three of the four detainees.

So, I guess that means, everything was fine. Go ahead and arrest Americans in Iran, as long as you do not charge them with anything I won't say anything. After you charge them though, well then I am going to demand you to return them, but I am not actually going to do anything about it. Why that would be insane.

I wonder how long Ronald Reagan would have put up with this? Then again, Reagan wouldn't have to put up with this, because these bastards wouldn't be playing these games with him in the White House.

The Iranians are well on their way to recreating the scene from 1979-1981 when they held Ammerican hostages for 444 days. It is starting to look like President Bush is going to leave the Oval Office just as former President Jimmy Carter did; broken, beaten and with an American public demoralized and confused.

It must be absolute joy ride for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be repeating this heinous trick, only this time on a grander scale, and with America lacking a figure of salvation like President Reagan was then. Who will pick-up the pieces after W. is gone?

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