Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What was the Top News Story of the Day?

Was it the “amnesty bill”, oops my fault immigration bill going to Cloture? No… Maybe it was al-Qaeda teaming up with the Islamic terrorist group Hamas to attack Israel and United states interests? Not so much…I mean why should any of that matter when we have Paris Hilton getting out of jail today!!! Wow!!! Isn’t that something?

The Celbebitch was released from jail this morning to a cheering crowd…A cheering crowd? Now what kind of person wakes up in the morning to go stand outside a jail and cheer for this? Just curious…Hopefully, it is not the same people that wake up on Tuesdays in November to vote.

Anyways, who is the first “celebrity idol worshiper” on the bandwagon? Larry King. He has her on for the entire hour tonight.

1 comment:

crazy8 said...

she is so arrogant...look how she is pushing the police officer off to the side. Damn slut!!!rich trash I tell you.