Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It wasn’t there fault; they were the victims of not fitting in.

Yesterday, I told you about the two Paratroopers from Fort Bragg N.C. that have been accused of trying to sell stolen military equipment to undercover agents.

Well the local paper in the area The Fayetteville Observer, reports the story with quite a sympathetic twist to the Paratroopers. After all it wasn’t the Paratroopers fault. They were the victims in this! Just poor helpless victims of loneliness, not fitting in and isolationism that led to their actions and crime. Well, God forbid that anyone suggest that they be accountable for their actions. After all it wasn’t their fault that they did this. They are the victims here.

No surprise from the Fayetteville Libserver, what a liberal rag of a paper, and they wonder why they can’t sell me a subscription.

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