Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Taliban al-Qaeda suicide bomber graduation reveals more possible media bias.

ABC gets a video tape of a Taliban al-Qaeda suicide bomber graduation and it gets coverage instantly all over the news from just about every network.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is definately a worthy news story. A direct threat on our country and our allies should always be front page news.

However, there are other graduations going on in Afghanistan not just suicide bomber graduations. There are Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police recruits graduating all the time. The ANA also graduates soldiers from a NonCommissioned Officer accademy. There are also other training success stories about the ANA, but why is those graduation stories never in the news?

The stories have been written, and many of the network news have received the stories. I know they have because they are on a distribution list that gets the stories. They choose not to run them.

Here are a few links to the stories that are on a website called DVIDS. One of the stories I wrote.

ANAP Graduate Training Course

ANA Graduates Second Class of De-miners

ETTs Assist, Mentor Afghan Medics

Leading the Way: ANA Graduates 86 From Pre-NCO Course

30 Afghan Patriots Added to Police Force

Coalition Forces Conduct Training Exercise

DVIDS is a media distribution center in Atlanta, Ga. that all branches of military journalists sends there news stories, pictures and videos for them to distribute and market. The website is open to the public. So, go check them out and get the news about the war from the actual boots on the ground.

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