Friday, September 02, 2005

The Big Easy Out Of Control!

The criticism has begun. Enough is not being done to help the people of New Orleans. Well, let us take a look at how some of the victims are acting and how rescue teams are being met.

Women are being raped and tourists are mugged and beat up at the Super Dome and the New Orleans convention center.

Doctors and nurses in stranded hospitals have to move patients to higher floors. Not because of rising flood waters but because looters are invading the floor below.

A 911 call from a children's hospital on tuesday night as looters try to kick the doors in from outside. Of course the police would not respond claiming rising flood waters for reason.

First responders making rooftop rescue efforts, fired on.

A US Army first aid helicopter fired upon.

There seems to be no law and order left in New Orleans. It's time to do what should have been done from the start of the madness. Declare martial law and send in the US military to reclaim the city by force.

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