Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush's rhetoric about race is troubling

Star Parker was not impressed with the president's speech claiming the difference between conservative compassion and liberal compassion is not the size of government, but how the money is spent.

She also was not impressed with his rhetoric about race. Permitting himself to give credence to the notion that black poverty of recent years in New Orleans reflects racial discrimination and lack of opportunity was anything but an act of compassion toward blacks. He is either uninformed, which of course is troubling, or willing to bury truth for political ends, which is also troubling.

Politicians who truly care about the black condition in America today need to start reaching for the intestinal fortitude and being honest.

How can racial discrimination be the operative holding blacks down in a city in which at least seven out of 10 residents are black?

I couldn't agree more. Great column as always from Sarah Parker.

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