Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gaza Strip Pull Out Seems To Not Be Working.

The Israelis withdraw from the Gaza Strip was suppose to bring ever lasting peace between Palestine and Israel but it seems to not be working. Duh...

I never understood why Israel would ever agree to this plan anyway. If your Israel you have an enemey whos main purpose in life is to wipe you off the face of the earth. So you pull out and let them occupy land that was yours and pray they don't keep comming because of a peace aggreement. It didn't take a masters degree in international relations to tell this was not going to work.

History has shown us time and time again that appeasement does not work. The greatest example of this is Hitler. Europe tried to appease and make peace with Hitler for years and look what happened. WWII could have been prevented if Hitler had been dealt with in the 30's.

This Israeli pull out of the Gaza was suppose to show the Palestinians that the Israelis wanted to arrive at a state of peaceful coexistence. So, how did the peace-loving Muslims react to this peace gesture? The same way they always do. They spent a few days lobbing rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill civilians.

Listen up. If you want to understand the Muslim thought process you need to start reading the Koran. You will then understand that Muslim "Palestinians" saw Israel's withdrawal from these Gaza settlements as a sign a weakness, to Muslim aggression. So, they capitalized on it and immediately pressed their offensive. There is no gesture Israel can make that will be grand enough, no demonstration of a willingness to peacefully coexist that will suffice.

Another thing if you read the Koran you will know that Muslims do not make peace treaties with infidels. Who are the infidels? basically anyone who is not Muslim. There is an exeption to this rule. The only thing peace treaties should be used for is to let the jhad reorganize and regroup to fight the infidels another day. (let me point out this is an exremist fundamentalist point of veiw not carried by all Muslims.)

The Muslims will understand one thing and one thing only; overwhelming force and determination anything less is a sign of weakness. By the way ... that goes for all of the grand gestures the United States might make. Force leading to absolute victory ... that works. Holding anti-war demonstrations destroying the morale of the United States to effect foreign policy does not work.

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