Thursday, September 22, 2005

Losing Iraq In Vietnam Fashion.

There is proof that the lefts anti-war campaign is working. According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, fewer than half of Americans surveyed believe the United States will win the Iraq war and 55 percent say we should speed withdrawal plans. This proves two things:

1.) If Americans would ignore the partisan media long enough, they would realize that we have already won the war in Iraq. Yes, we are still fighting Islamic terrorists who hate democracy and the rule of law, but the war has been won. By every measure of history and modern warfare, the war in Iraq has been won many times over. Take your pick of the following successes: a new Constitution, elections, Saddam Hussein in jail, much lower casualties than predicted.

2.) If people think we should speed the withdrawal, then they simply don't care who wins the war. If the Coalition were to pull out now, Iraq would fall to Zarqawi and his Al Qaeda thugs.

If you're worried about losing the war, then why speed the withdrawal of troops that would guarantee defeat? It would be a disastrous failure and would threaten the security of the United States. The media's blatant ignoring of good news from Iraq along with their propaganda campaign to try and sink George Bush seems to be having an effect.

Its a damn shame that Iraq looks more like my generations Vietnam every day. I just wonder how long it will be before Americans start calling soldiers baby killers and spitting on them again. Give it time, it will happen. All made possible by American leftist propaganda.

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