Saturday, September 03, 2005

History Shows What Should Have Happened in New Orleans

The San Fransisco earthquake of 1906 was one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever seen. It also happened at a time when we had no Homeland Security or FEMA. The liberal idea of government dependency had not yet taken effect. The Mayor of San Fransisco at the time was a man named E. E. Schmitz. Mayor Schmitz imediately isuued a proclamation right after the disaster. (Shown on the right)

At the request of Mayor Schmitz the US Military was sent into San Fransisco on patrolls and law and order was restored quickly.

In New Orleans we had a story of a Hospital being taken over by looters. Doctors and nurses were actually moving patients to higher floors as the looters invaded the floors below them. Now, these hospitals have helicopter landing pads on the roof. Helicopters should have carried troops to the roof tops to take care of these looters. Even if their wasn't helicopter landing pads air assault troops could have roped in. Why did this not happen?

This is what should have happened in New Orleans. Instead what we enden up with is mass chaos in the streets. Exessive Looting and gun fights throughout the city. At the Superdome women are dragged into restrooms and raped. Gunshots have been reported from inside and fights are a common occurence.

We have the Mayor of New Orleans who doesn't have the leadership ability to make a desicion. Then we have the Governor of Louisianna, who has been saying for 2 days now she is ready to crack down on the lawlwessness in New Orleans. It still has not happened. Police say they have not been arresting people because they have no place to detain them. One of the first responsibilities of Government in times of disasters is to restore order.

On day one the mayor should have given the authority to shoot looters with the exception of those looting food. Armed National Guardsmen should have been placed at the Superdome with orders to treat predators harshly. It did not happen. Instead we ended up with random search for weapons upon entering the Superdome. You think this would stop criminals from bringing in a gun. Worried about a random search? This left innocent people unable to defend themselves. Is it finaly safe to say that an armed society is a polite society? Would these predators thought twice about dragging women into restrooms and raping them if they thought someone with a gun would step in?

Folks we are witnessing the results of a liberal culture at work. A culture that does not encourage or allow its citizens defend or take care of themselves. A culture of complete dependence on Government.

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