Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fabricated Media Product, They've Been Doing It For Years.

There are two photographs here. The first photograph is a cropped AP photograph taken at the anti-war rally in Washington DC. It is taken at an angle so you can't see what is really going on. (The White House in the back is a nice touch too, don't you think?) Any ways the media runs with this photo and reports that there where 100,000 or 300,000 protesters in DC. Now, look at the photograph next to it. This photograph was captured by Getty Images. Where are all the protesters? I don't see any protesters. I just see a bunch of photographers. It was staged. This is nothing more than a fabricated media product.

The whole anti-war rally was nothing but a fabricated event. If you look closely at what went down. We are suppose to compare New Orleans to Iraq. Both Bush failures and people dyeing for no reason. New Orleans and Iraq have even been reported the same way.

We have found WMDs in Iraq the media ignores it. Instead they fuel the Bush lied rhetoric. We get nothing but bad news from Iraq. New Orleans the same way. We now find that just like the Gitmo prisoner abuse story the conditions in New Orleans were not as bad as reported. They were both fabricated news with the goal to fuel anti-war and anti-bush feelings.

Then they fabricate the whole anti-war movement by not telling the American people who is actually behind it. A group called ANSWER International who works with the Worker's World Party who are communists.

Above we have a couple more photos. The first one is a AP photo of Cindy Sheehan and Al Sharpton in a ditch at Crawford Texas. It is taken to make it look like there is a bunch of protesters all around. In the second photo we see the truth. Just a bunch of reporters and camera men. Another fabricated news media product.

This is nothing new. The news media has been doing this for years. They fabricated Vietnam to make it look like we were loosing the war when we were actually winning. It is the same thing today.

The best way to look at the news is not to look at it as news but rather look at it as a product. A product that represents the viewpoints of the seller. The seller has people who put the product together. They have people who market it to you in hopes of success. They measure their success by seeing how many people they can convince into believing their point of view.

So the next time you turn on a News Channel remember that you're watching a product. It is up to you to research what is true or false. Here at My Two Cents Worth we call this doing your homework.

Credit to Little Green Footballs for pointing out the photos.

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