Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Everyone Agrees" Part III

Earlier this month I noted what a reporter said about troops in Iraq on Face The Nation. Here is the quote again for those of you who missed it.

"Everyone agrees, the sight of American Troops on the Iraqi streets makes everybody mad." [transcript Here]

Then I Told you about an e-mail got from a friend of mine serving in Iraq:

I am in Baghdad now just thought I would drop a few lines give you and update of how things are going on over here. I assure you it is not as bad as what you see on the news. We are making progress. It is slow but it is progress. Check out this website for the stories the media will not cover. Go to There your will find "This Week in Iraq". This is a bunch of the "good news" stories from Iraq. I thought you might enjoy them and pass them on. We are winning the war regardless of what any one says.

Well now we have a column on the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal written by the newly democratically elected Iraqi President Jalal Talabani thanking the troops and begging us to stay until the job is finished.

The name of the column is We Need American Troops: Thank you for liberating my country.

I wonder if that reporter still thinks "everyone agrees?"

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