Thursday, September 01, 2005

Everyone Agrees???

I was doing a little channel surfing on Sunday morning when I came acrossed something on Face The Nation that got my attention. They had a reporter from Baghdad giving a status of our troops in Iraq. It was this statement that made me throw my rubber brick at the screen:

"Everyone agrees, the sight of American Troops on the Iraqi streets makes everybody mad." [transcript Here]

That, my friends is a Bologna Sandwich. I know it has been over a year since I have been deployed to Iraq, so I will not use my experiences cause the situation could have changed.

I still have friends serving in Iraq that I keep in contact with and here at Fort Bragg NC their are troops comming back from Iraq every week. I have talked to a lot of them about the situation over there. The common theme that I get is that the media isn't giving the whole story and that American troops are generally welcomed and admired by the Iraqi people.

Well...thats how it was when I was over there... I guess some things never change.

"Everyone agrees"... I am starting to wonder who this reporter considers "everyone" to be.

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