Thursday, December 01, 2005

Will The News Media Report MoveOn.Org lied? was running an advertisement on its website calling for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. As the narrator of this ad was talking about American troops they showed a picture of British troops claiming that they were American troops. You could tell they were British troops because one of them was wearing shorts which is not part of the American GI uniform and the desert uniform pattern for British troops are different than Americans. learned of the error and instead of admitting their mistake they tried to alter the photograph by darkening the British uniforms to look more like American uniforms, and by photoshopping a new pair of pants on the soldier wearing shorts! This, of course, was a deliberate and premeditated attempt to deceive. The very thing the left is so hard trying to pin on President George W Bush. Later, when their attempt to deceive was discovered, they just eliminated the picture altogether. You can get the entire story here. And if you want to see the altered pictures, they are available here.

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