Friday, December 02, 2005

Sen. John Murtha: The Army Is Broken, Worn Out, And Living Hand To Mouth.

Almost 2 weeks ago Democratic Congressman John Murtha called for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq because he said they are suffering for nothing. Pursuing a policy of cut and run would be a complete disaster, but it looks like the majority of Democrats, at least in the House, also want to cut and run.

Well, yesterday, Murtha was at it again. Speaking to a group in his district in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Murtha said that troops will leave Iraq in the next year because the Army is "broken, worn out and living hand to mouth." I am not sure what Army he is talking about but it is not the US Army!

So here we have a former Marine, John Murtha who is virtually claiming defeat and wants to leave the battlefield. He is saying the troops will be leaving because they aren't up to the task. If you read between the lines, Congressman Al-Murtha is saying the war is lost because the troops have failed.

What exactly have our troops failed at? The terrorists have been waging a campaign against American troops with roadside IEDs and car bombs. They will not confront our troops head-on because they know they can’t win that way. There have been no major battles, only minor skirmishes. In other words, Murtha is telling all of those who might want us dead that our troops can't even handle a war without battles, a war without direct engagement. We can't even handle suicide bombers and roadside explosives! Way to go, Congressman Murtha.

Consider for a moment what Murtha's comments might mean to the Islamic insurgency and Islamic terrorist factions around the world. Somewhere Abu Musab Zarqawi and other Islamic terrorist leaders are smiling. This is just the kind of propaganda that they need to keep the terrorist insurgency going. All Zarqawi has to do is take these comments to his foot soldiers and say, look at this, this is a United States Congressman, a former Marine Officer, and he says the American troops are worn out, broken, and living hand to mouth. Continue the fight we are winning.

I say again, just how many American men and women in Iraq have died because the Democrats decided to politicize this war instead of win it?

Just like Vietnam the United States Military is winning on the battlefield. There is no way that we will lose this war militarily. The only way we can lose this war is here at home.

Murtha also says he made a mistake when he voted for the war and criticized President Bush saying that “Staying the course is not a policy.” Now that the going has gotten tough, he wants to throw in the towel. It seems that cutting and running is the only way to go, staying and fighting is not even an option.

If we allow people like Murtha to run the show, we're never going to win the War On Terror. Hopefully people won't keep listening to this nonsense.

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