Monday, December 12, 2005

Iraq Elections Could Mean Bad News For Democrats

This week there is more good news from Iraq. The good news is that Iraqis head to the polls Thursday to vote on a new parliament. Voters in the Democratic, free Iraq will elect 275 members to 4 year terms in the new Iraqi parliament. The elected members of Parliament will choose the president, prime minister and the Cabinet. This will be nothing short of miraculous. Should the vote go off without incident and the new government be seated, that would mark a substantial blow to the Islamic terrorists or the "insurgents" as the media prefers calling them.

Simply put, this will be another of the already many successes in the transformation of Iraq from a terrorist state to a democracy. And how is this good news being treated by the mainstream press? Well, it's being reported with a potential doom and gloom outcome. It is definitely not being spread as good news, nor is it good news for the Democrats.

Norman Podhoretz has a column out today entitled “The Panic Over Iraq: What they’re really afraid of is American Success.” Norman says that the Democrats, and this would include the mainstream media, are in a state of near panic over these elections. The Democrats know that a successful election will be good for Iraq and good for President George W Bush.

Remember ... success for Bush in Iraq is a nightmare for Democrats. They are being driven by politics on this situation, nothing more. The future of the Iraq people is of no importance when compared to the future of the Democratic Party.

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