Thursday, December 22, 2005

Once Doomed Patriot Act Extended 6 Months

The once doomed Patriot Act has been extended by the Senate....for 6 months. It will then go to the House, where it will more than likely pass and the White House will definitely sign it. So what happens in the next six months?

In the next 6 months, Democrats and a few Republican RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) are going to pick apart the Patriot Act and do the work that will make Islamic terrorists leap for joy.

It's easy to say that you oppose the Patriot Act because it invades peoples civil rights or privacy rights or this and that...but how many people have actually read it? And what will happen if Islamic terrorists attack America again? Will there be a commission to investigate whether or not some liberals in Congress took out some provision in the original Patriot Act that might have stopped the attack?

I do not like everything in the patriot act either. It gives our government a lot of power I don’t believe they should have. That is why I do not think it should be a permanent act, but we are at war right now against Islamic terrorism and the patriot act is one of the best tools we have to gather information to prevent another terrorist attack.

For all of those worried about your precious civil rights. What good will your civil rights be when your body is sitting at room temperature because we couldn’t stop the next attack.

Do you know how worried FDR and Truman were about civil rights and privacy rights during WWII? So worried that they actually placed Japanese Americans in concentration camps and had mail, that was coming from the troops fighting over seas, opened, read, and censored before it was sent on to loved ones. Could you imagine the Bush Administration trying to pull that off today? Censorship of mail coming from Iraq…

We're engaged in a war on terrorism...but as usual, the left is in denial.

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