Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It is time to pull out those predictions.

Yes, my friends it is time to pull out my predictions that I made in January of 2005 and see how much glass I ate from the crystal ball. Here we go:

1. Iraqi elections will be a success with election turnouts above 70%. Allawi will win soundly. Does not mean the end of reconstruction efforts. OK, So I was wrong about Allawi but everything else was accurate.

2. Bush Administration caving in to John McCain and friends will send an additional 60,000 troops to Iraq. wrong.

3. Iran will conduct a nuclear bomb test. The UN and the rest of the world won't know how to react. President Bush will. This will be avoided if we or Israel does something about it before it happens. right. Iran did conduct tests, however I am not sure that anyone in the world knows exactly what to do about it.

4. Iran, China, and North Korea's alliance comes together as Iran attacks Iraq, China gives Taiwan an ultimatum, and North Korea threatens South Korea with nuclear war. All happening within 6 months of each other. This will set the stage for world war. Russia will join the axis of evil. wrong. Thank God. Although many of the so called insurgents cross the border into Iraq from Iran. China and N. Korea continue to threaten with nukes.

5. Iran becomes the first country to fall in the axis of evil. There will be a revolution in Iran, with the help of the CIA, that will lead to democracy in that country. They will become a valuable asset to the United States. wrong.

6. A dirty bomb possibly a suit case nuke will be used in Iraq by terrorist. wrong.

7. There will be a major networked attempted terrorist attack involving 5 cities in Canada and the US. It will be stopped due to the patriot act. There were several threats though.

8. Terrorist will also try to use railroad cars to set off some type of chemical or biological agent in the heartland of America. They will not succeed. There is no terrorist attack in America in 2005. However, American interest will be attacked overseas. wrong, but there were the train bombings in England.

9. Muslim Terrorist extremist Al Zarqawi and Abu Musab will be either captured or killed by Coalition forces in Iraq. We got close to gettin the bastard a couple of times but never quite got them.

10. Osama Bin Ladin is captured in Afghanistan after coming back from Iran where he was getting medical attention. We start to withdraw troops from Afghanistan but set up strategic permanent American military bases before leaving. wrong.

11. Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death. The libs will say he never got a fair trial. premature prediction... Saddam will be sentenced to death. Of course the liberals already think the trial is not fair.

12. Cuba will make an oil deal with China. China needs oil, Cuba needs money. Cuba has oil, China has money. Any questions??? (Castro found oil in late December 2004) wrong

13. The tsunami cleanup will go better than expected. Within 6 months there will be new major hotels and condos. The same critics on the left who are crying we are not giving enough will cry we did it for the rich to get richer. It is Bush?s Fault. the condos and hotels are rebuilt and as we learned in 2005 everything is Bush's fault.

14. Republicans will propose a bill to begin drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife and Reserve. It will pass creating thousands of jobs and lowering gas prices. It will also make us less dependent on foreign oil. Al Gore will scream: They betrayed this Earth!!! The bill was proposed passed the house and was killed in the senate due to RINO (Republicans In Name Only) republicans.

15. The beginning of privatizing social security will happen. People will finally be allowed to invest some of their social security contributions in the private sector. wrong. I am dissapointed in this one. I really thought the people would get behind the President and demand congress to get this done. I guess people would rather leave their retirement in the hands of the ever so trusting government.

16. The National Sales Tax or the Fair Tax that would eliminate income tax and the IRS will be proposed but it will not pass. President Bush's tax cuts will remain in place. It has been proposed but has not come to a vote yet. President Bush's tax cuts do remain in place.

17. There will be some sort of tort reform. President Bush will not get everything he wants in it though. true, it didn't amount to much though.

18. The economy continues to grow in 2005. Unemployment falls under 5% around June or July. The construction and real estate market have big years. Right. I pretty much nailed that one.

19. The Stock Market Dow Jones rises to 12,000 by September. wrong.

20. Pfizer stock goes through the roof. Airline stock has a bad year. right and wrong. Pfizer stock did not go through the roof and airliners had a horrible year.

21. There will be a political movement to get the United States out of the UN. This will lead to the resignation of Kofi Annan. Former President Bill Clinton will take Kofi Annans place at the UN. Kofi Annan and the rest of the UN is cleared of any wrong doing in the oil for food program.

22. Some of the most heated debates will not be between democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, but between each other. (Especially on Iraq and immigration.) true

23. The republican party moves to the center. People like me move to the libertarian party. (A liberal democrat's dream.) the shift is on.

24. The democrat party moves further to the left. Moderate democrats like Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman move to the republican party. (A liberal democrat's nightmare) it's happening.

25. Hillary Clinton knowing she can not win the white house being who she is begins her transformation to the middle. Her voting record will paint a much different picture. True. she is starting already trying to play herself to the christian crowd.

26. Bush will abandon his soft immigration policy as Congress will pass tougher immigration legislation. More than 85% of Americans want it and congress knows it. (Hillary Clinton knows it, watch for her to talk about it a lot in 2005) true. Congress is starting to work on it, Hilery did talk about it not as much as I thought she would though.

27. Republicans McCain, Lugar, and Hagel continue to side with the democrats. OK that was easy.

28. Democrats will try to impeach President Bush using the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. They will fail. Rumsfield will resign. well, they are begining to mention impeachment but not for Abu Ghraib.

29. Clarence Thomas is appointed Chief Justice of the supreme court. wrong. But I bet no one else picked John Roberts.

30. Howard Dean becomes the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee. (I hope I hope) Right!!! this was suppose to be a joke... I didn't think the Democrats were actually dumb enough to do it.

31. John Kerry will not be able to accept his run for the white house is over. He will declare that he should be the front runner in 2008. John Edwards is finished. He knows it and does not make a comeback. Right. although Edwards may be thinking about another run.

32. General Wesley Clark will become a military analyst or correspondent for a major news network. Probably CBS. right. he works for CNN

33. Fox News and the internet becomes the main source of news in 2005. right. in fact recent poll shows only 28% of Americans are confident in the reporting of mainstream television network news and newspapers.

34. Michael Moore will travel to Iraq to spend time with insurgents. Who he compared to the minutemen. He will tell the story of the Fedayeen, who he will call the founding fathers, and document their struggles against the imperialistic Bush Administration. wrong....this one was for laughs anyway...however he probably thought about it.

35. The ACLU will push for a court ruling making it illegal to distribute bibles and for churches to advertise on TV. wrong

36. Hollywood goes religious. Mel Gibson has opened the door with the Passion making 611 million. Money talks, bottom line. we did see the Chronicles of Narnia...

37. Ashley Simpson has another embarrassing moment where she is once again caught lip synching. She will then move on to reality TV. After we discover her reality TV show is just as real as her singing she will break down into tears and disappear into her sisters shadow forever.

38. Longest standing Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings will be a commercial star. Perhaps on the box of Wheaties. right... but it wasn't wheaties it was cingular wireless...I think???

39. The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 34- 17 in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning wins MVP throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. wrong.

40. In NASCAR Jeff Gordon wins the Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson wins the Nextel Cup. Hendrick Motor Sports has figured out what DEI has known about super speedways. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an off year by his standards and finishes just out of the top 5 in points.
Gordon did win the Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson finished 5th to Champion Tony Stewart and man did Earnhardt Jr have an off year... He didn't even make the chase.

It seems that I ate a lot of glass in 05. Definately a lot more than I ate in 04 I am getting worse at predictions instead of better. Stay tuned for 2006 predictions in the near future.

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Jim. said...

maybe you should give up predicting the future...