Wednesday, December 07, 2005


According to a new AP poll, not only do a majority of Americans but also the British, the French and South Koreans believe that torturing suspects is justified. Yes, that's right...the French. Apparently after Islamic terrorists practically burned down the country and set all their cars on fire, they've come around (at least temporarily.)

61% of Americans believe torture is justified in rare instances. So what are those instances? Well the story doesn’t really say but my guess is when a terrorist suspect has information that could prevent another attack.

Just a little reminder though we are not even torturing people. Sorry, but sitting in a cold room in your underwear after being fed better than what the troops get in Iraq and being forced to listen to Christine Aguilera isn't torture...well, it may come close...especially that Christine Aguilera part, but it's not what this poll is talking about.

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