Thursday, December 01, 2005

And Now The Democrat Response.

Let’s be honest for just a moment about the status of the war on terror. While the American people have not lost their will to fight the war there are signs that the will is diminishing. The Islamic terrorist jihadists have not lost their determination to continue to fight and have the evidence of encouragement they need to keep fighting. This combination of attitudes spells nothing good for our future safety and our very culture. It just means the fighting continues on.

It is no secret that part of the terrorist game plan for the past few years has been to destroy our will to fight and our will to resist. They have succeeded to an extend I thought to be unimaginable in the months following 9/11. The truth is that the terrorists have met this amazing success with the eager help of Democrats and the mainstream American media who continue to undermine our efforts.

I often wonder how different the Iraq war could have gone and if we would still be fighting in Iraq if Democrats would have gotten on board in support of our efforts instead of trying to derail them. It seems to me that Democrats could have even shared in the victory of Iraq. Of course that would have meant that they would have had to share it with President George W. Bush, but since they are blinded by hate for him that could never happen. Instead what happened is America went to war against terrorism and Democrats went to war against President Bush.

We have Nancy Pelosi after Bush's speech yesterday demanding an American withdrawal within six months. Anyone who does not understand that there were cheers from Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his band of Islamic terrorists at Pelosi's words simply does not understand how grave this situation is. Then we have John Kerry, who told us that the presence of our troops on the ground is fueling the insurgency. That would be like some Senator from 1944 saying that the Germans are fighting because Americans have landed at Normandy!!! Look folks, this is fuel for Zarqawi. He takes this news and shows it to his foot soldiers and says look, these are United States Senators saying this. Keep on fighting the Americans, they are getting weaker we are making progress in our fight.

I say again, just how many American men and women in Iraq have died because the Democrats decided to politicize this war, instead of to win it?

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