Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hanoi Jane Baghdad Fonda Weighs In

Remember when Jane Fonda was trying to sell her book about her life and she tried to apologize for her actions during the Vietnam War. Jane Fonda has apparently so sorry for her actions that she has seemed to have adopted the same tactics she used then. The Good Old 60’s Hippy Communist supporting Jane Fonda came out recently and slandered U.S. troops by calling them all "killing machines." And A Merry Christmas to you too, Ms. Fonda, by the way I hope that offends you greatly.

Hanoi Jane told the Washington Post, about the killing machines, who weren't killing enough, causing the Military to change procedures:

"When you put young people into an atrocity-producing situation where enemy and civilian are commingled, where the 'other side' is dehumanized, we cannot be surprised."

Boy, it sure would be nice to see some proof of all the atrocities American troops are committing in Iraq. Yet, for some reason, just like John Kerry and Vietnam...the evidence is lacking.

So what proof does she have of her theories? She says she was in secret meetings with military psychologists. Perhaps for her next act Jane Fonda will go on Al-Jazeera TV for a photo op and hold some rocket launchers with Al-Qaeda. You know just for old times sake.

Jane Fonda also warned us that anti-war vets now returning from Iraq should be listened to instead of being dismissed as "unpatriotic."

Just the anti-war vets returning from Iraq should be listened to right Jane. What about the vast majority of Vets that have returned from Iraq like me who say your full of SH*T!!!!!

God, I really find that lady repulsive.

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