Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Howard Dean Says We Can’t Win In Iraq.

Now the Democrats are just coming right out and saying exactly what they believe in the debate over the war in Iraq. Yesterday, we heard from DNC Chairman Howard Dean who joins the John Murtha’s, and Nancy Pelosi’s wing of the Democrat Party which calls for the surrender by withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Dean’s stunning statement: we are not going to win the war in Iraq. Nice going Howie, way to support the terrorist cause and try to demoralize our troops by telling them they are failures and can’t do the job.

We can’t win in Iraq…are you kidding me… We can’t lose in Iraq is more like it. I have said it before and I will say it again the only way we can lose this war is at home in the hands of politicians like Howard Dean.

Right now there are roughly 160,000 American troops in harms way in Iraq. They were sent there to fight a war that Congress (including Democrats and Republicans) gave the president support and authorization to wage. In just under 3 years, we have liberated the Iraqi people, deposed the ruthless dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, held elections and drawn up a Constitution. In just nine days from now the Iraqi people will elect their own leaders under their own constitution. Not bad, in spite of what the Democrats want you to believe.

Democrats want us to believe and keep trying to portray the picture that we are losing the war, but the truth is we are winning the war. We are in the reconstruction mode, the rebuilding of Iraq. This, by the way, has been the fastest reconstruction effort the world has ever seen.

How could we have Saddam on trial if we were losing the Iraq War? Also, how could we have occupied the country, set up a provisional government, held an election, and assisted the interim government in drafting a constitution, if we were losing the Iraq War?

I realize that Chairman Dean and the Democrats really want us to lose over there so that they can win an election over here, but would somebody please tell them that we have pretty much already won the Iraq War.

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