Friday, December 22, 2006

Americans lining up for jobs they won't do??

You may remember a little while ago President Bush saying that, "illegal immigrans are doing the jobs Americans won't do," while proposing amnesty for the 12 million Mexican invaders currently in this country. So do they do jobs Americans won't do?

Doesn't seem to be the case with the Swift Meatpacking Company...

That's where the feds went in last month and busted all those illegals aliens working there for identity theft. It turns out applicants are lining up all the way out the door to take those jobs. These are actually legally employable Americans. They didn't jump the border and commit fraud....they just want to work. One man showed up with his driver's license, his Social Security card and a picture of himself as a young Naval officer, just to erase any doubts that he might be here illegally.

All of this exposes the lie our economy needs illegal aliens. It is just not true. The price we pay in higher crime, payments for social services and law enforcement far outweighs any cheap labor we might benefit from. So from now on, when you hear President George W Bush say illegals do the work Americans won't, just know that it's a lie.

Illegal aliens just do the work Americans won't do for what they pay illegals. There you have it. Roll that up into your poncho and smoke it.

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Jason said...

That is not the only thing W has lied about. He is full of lies.