Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ethiopia Bombs Mogadishu, Ethopian PM: We were "forced to enter a war" with Somalia's Council of Islamic Courts.

Ethiopian fighter jets bombed Somalia's main airport Monday, the first direct attack on the city that serves as the headquarters of an Islamic movement attempting to wrest power from the internationally recognized government.

So, you might be thinking: What does this mean to me??? Why should I care about what happens in Somalia and Ethiopia??? No concern of mine, right?

Well, it should be a concern, this is just a small part of a World War against Islamic Fascism. Rememebr the whole goal of islam is to put the whole world under islamic law. That is why this is important. read the rest of this story followed by some more of my comments.

"The Ethiopian government is bombing non-civilian targets in Somalia in order to disable and prevent the delivery of arms and supplies to the Islamic courts," said Bereket Simon, an adviser to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia and the Somali government have long accused the Islamic council of recruiting foreign fighters into its ranks.

The Somali government started sealing its borders Monday in an attempt to keep foreigners from joining the Islamists. Residents living along Somalia's coast have seen hundreds of foreign Islamic fighters entering the country to answer calls by religious leaders to wage a holy war against largely Christian Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's prime minister said Sunday that his country was "forced to enter a war" with Somalia's Council of Islamic Courts.

Ethiopia supports Somalia's U.N.-backed government, which has been losing ground to the Islamists since June.

"Our defense force has been forced to enter a war to defend against the attacks from extremists and anti-Ethiopian forces and to protect the sovereignty of the land," Meles, the Ethiopian prime minister, said in a television address Sunday night. "Our intention is to win this war as soon as possible."

Ethiopia dropped bombs on several towns held by the Council of Islamic Courts and its soldiers used artillery and tanks elsewhere.

You may not believe that we are in the first stages of World War but the Islamic Facist Terrorist believe that we are and they are 100% dedicated to there cause.

Look folks there are over 120 "hot wars" (wars with shots being fired) going on accrossed the globe today. In over 90% of them you have a defined Islamic force against a non-islamic force.

Isn't it time we realize the goals of islam? The world must unite and confront Islamic Fascism or we will all be living under Islamic law.

We really need to look at the whole picture of the war we are in and not just focus on Iraq and Afghanistan.

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