Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is Nancy Pelosi really this stupid?

It seems that Nancy Pelosi condemned the president last week for saying that Al Qaeda was involved in the insurgency in Iraq. She said that "the 9/11 Commission dismissed that notion a long time ago and I feel sad that the president is resorting to it again."

Pelosi made that statement on November 28th. However on November 10, two and one-half weeks earlier, Al Qaeda released a video tape claiming that they had 12,000 fighters working in Iraq. Perhaps, Nancy Pelosi forgot in 18 days about the video.

Al Qaeda brags of the number of fighters it has mobilized to battle American troops in Iraq, and Pelosi says she is sad that the president is saying that Al Qaeda has fighters in Iraq.

Gimme a break…

I am sad that this stupid woman is going to be the new Speaker of the House. That is third in line to the presidency for those of you who didn’t know…kind of think of it that is sad too, Americans who do not even understand how their own government works.

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