Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Country Boy's Random Thoughts

Does anyone know what is going on or what to do in Iraq??? I have heard we need to get out gradually…We need to get out now…Why did we ever get in the first place?…We need more troops…We have too many troops…The policy is a failure…We are staying the course…We need a new policy…Change the course…Al Qaeda says they’re in Iraq…Nancy Pelosi says they’re not in Iraq…If we don’t fight Al Qaeda in Iraq we will fight them here…Al Qaeda is already here…Iraq is a civil war...Iraq is not a civil war…We are losing the war…We are winning the war…We must win...can’t afford to lose…We have already lost…

One thing is for sure…Iraq is a mess…and Iran is smiling.

What ever happened to uniting together and achieving VICTORY…and not just in Iraq but the whole war as a whole…Iraq is just a small piece of the puzzle in a much larger war against the ideology of Islam.

In a recent speech Barrak Obama made the comment:

"Are there some voters who would not vote for an African American candidate because of race? I'm sure there are. Those are the same voters who probably wouldn't vote for me because of my politics."

So according to 3 key members of the Democrat Party I am just an uneducated, poor, racist who is going to get stuck in Iraq.

NFL football players make millions of dollars to play a game and sometimes not to play it well. Shouldn’t they be punished for poor performance…If you get paid 3 million dollars to catch a football and you drop the ball after it hits you in the hands is it not fair to doc your pay?

If you are going to have an Iraqi Study Group wouldn’t it make sense to have at least one military analyst, perhaps a general or someone who has actually partaken in the fight on the ground? I mean this panel was about as bright as hiring a plumber to do electrical work.

Hillary Clinton has said she would not have voted for the war in Iraq if she knew what she knew now. How convenient is that? Unfortunately, presidents don’t get to rewind the tape, go back and make tough decisions like unimportant senators do I guess.

Presidents have to make the decisions with the information they have at the time. It’s called leadership.

I just wonder if Hillary would have still married Bill, you know, if she would have known then what she knows now???

In the history of the world there have only been two defining forces that have offered to die for you. One was Jesus Christ and the other is the American Soldier. Christ died for your soul, and the American soldier for your freedom. Unfortunately, too many people have forgotten both.

Some folks say we need to start a dialogue with Iran to help us in Iraq and work a diplomatic solution. Iran has stated on several occasions that they want the destruction of America and Israel. How much more of a dialogue do we need?

A year ago Ahmadinejad said the end of the world would happen within three years and just recently in a speech he said this:

“Oh, almighty God, all men and women are your creatures and you have ordained the salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirst for justice. And make us among his followers and among those who strive for his return.”

Ahmadinejad is talking about the return of the messiah here, which according to the Quaran only can happen after the world has been cleansed with the blood of infidels. This, when he returns, it will unite the whole world under justice and peace, Islamic law.

It seems to me that we have an Armageddon style war on the horizon and Ahmadinejad and Iran are going to be the center of it unless something is done to stop it.

Look folks, it doesn’t matter if you or I don’t believe that it’s the apocalypse. The important thing is these people do believe, and they’re dead serious.

I don't know about you guys but I would prefer for Jesus to stay at his father's house a little bit longer.

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