Friday, December 01, 2006

MTCW Pic of the Day

Time to get your yee haw on, Country Boy turns 30 today!!!
All my rowdy friends are gettin down tonight!
inspired by Hank WIlliams Jr.
Do you wanna drink, hey, do you wanna party!!!
This is ole Country Boy here and were goinna do it right.
We got a pig in the ground barbequin real nice.
So bring out the Tequila, Budweiser on ice
cause all my rowdy friends are getting down tonight.
We got Jose here, Jack and Johnny Walker too.
a little bit of Jim Beam just for you.
Captain Morgans just walked through the door.
Margaritta and Tia Maria out on the dance floor.
St. Pauli Girl just asked me for a light.
all my rowdy friends are here tonight.
so grab you a shot glass, some lemon and salt
but what happens next ain't gonna be my fault.
some will cut it loose, others will get mean.
but leave the trouble at home, caues you aint lookin for a fight
especially with all my rowdy friends here tonight.


Jason said...

Happy Birthday you sick twisted freak! I love the blog.

Kim said...

How about that cowboy!!!

emily said...

Happy Birthday

hope yout birthday was as good as this post

Donna said...


Jimbo said...

wow...30 years old...its all down hill from

catdaddy68 said...

whatever Jimbo...30 is not even the begining

caroline said...

lookin good for thirty there country boy

Jack said...

oh man beer bong... I miss those days.

jill said...

hope you had a happy birtday!!!