Friday, December 01, 2006

My Birthday

Celebrating 30 years on the journey of life
Today is my Birthday, but before we start the party I would like to take a moment and reflect. I have been on this journey of life for 30 years now. It truly is a Journey, almost like a bus ride, with people getting on and getting off the bus all the time.
Through out my thirty year journey I have met some interesting people along the way and left some behind.

Some were passengers on the bus with me for short periods of time, got off never to return. Others were passengers for a while and then got off and later got back on again. While some just come and go never riding for very long at all. Then there have been some that have been on the bus for the whole journey so far or got on the bus along the way and stayed. All at the same time they were all making their own journey on their own bus.

Everyone’s bus ride is different. Some will complete their intended journeys smoothly. Some will encounter more bumps in the road than others on their journey. Others will get lost on the way and start another journey. Yet, some may just travel along with no clear destination in sight. While others journey will be cut short never getting a chance to complete it.

Some will have many passengers traveling with them along the way, while others may choose to keep the bus door shut and travel alone or only with a few passengers.

However my journey should turn out I would just like to thank everyone that I have met along the way. Each and every one of you has in some way shaped, formed or molded me into the complete person I am today, some for the better, some for the worse.

Some of you brought me joy, others sadness and grief. Some brought disappointment, while some of you just straight made me mad along the way.

Some of you brought comfort and support, always there for me in times of need along the way no matter what, while others have brought betrayal and deceit. As I know I have done all of this to the people I have met as well.

Whatever it was that you brought me along the way, whether it was bad or good I thank every one who has encountered me on my journey. I have learned valuable lessons from each and every one of you through my journey.

So thank you for the good times and the bad times… You have to be thankful for the bad times. I mean without bad times how would you know what good times are?Anyways, thanks for all the memories that make up my life so far.

Now let’s get some damn beer!!!

Who wants to shoot tequila with me???


dan said...

how long have you been drinking before you wrote

just kidding, I like it. A bus ride...thats clever.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday

sheila said...

great post

happy birthday

billy g said...

happy b-day