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Tony Spain's 2006 New Year Predictions.

Well it is that time of year again, time for my yearly predictions. Before we get started never forget the old saying: He who looks into the crystal ball will eat glass? My did I eat glass last year. Let's see if I can do any better this year. Here we go folks, enjoy.
  • The Main Stream Media and the left continues to try and destroy the Bush Presidency, things like reality and National Security continue to derail their attacks.
  • Just like the stories about Bush mislead on Iraq intelligence, the Leak Gate case, and Cindy Sheehan the NSA eavesdropping story will become irrelevant. In fact the story will be of no importance by Memorial Day.
  • Provisions necessary for gathering intelligence information will be taken out of the Patriot Act within the next 6 months rendering it useless and making us vulnerable to another attack. If we are attacked again Democrats will say it is President Bush’s fault for failing to protect the American people. Also a Democrat Senator will propose a bill making it illegal to gather domestic or foreign intelligence unless approved by the FISA court. It will not pass.
  • Unless the unlikely event occurs of Democrats gaining control of the House and Senate, President Bush has a better year in 06 than what he had in 05. The progress in Iraq really starts to show in 2006. President Bush’s Approval rating steadily rises throughout the year and reaches 57% by Christmas.
  • A major withdrawal of troops from Iraq in 2006. At least 10% or more will be home by the end of October.
  • Islamic Terrorist will continue to attack in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places around the world. In Iraq there will be more attacks focused on the Iraqi National Police Force casualties will be high but they will fail to seriously change the political progress in the country. There will be a major terrorist attack by Al Qaeda outside the combat zone of Iraq.
  • A high ranking official in Al Qaeda, perhaps Zarqawi, will be tracked down and either captured or killed by the Iraqi National Police Force.
  • Saddam Hussein will be found guilty in Iraqi court and will be sentenced to death. The left and the UN will claim that the trial was unfair and doubt its legality in the world. They will use this to say that Saddam should not be executed.
  • Actor Mike Farrell and other Hollywood libs will claim that Saddam was just misunderstood and should not be executed. Sean Penn will travel to Iraq to interview Saddam and will report that Iraq was a lot better off with Saddam in power than it is today.
  • Osama Bin Ladin will not be found, nor will he be heard from. Rumors will start to spread that he died last year from Kidney failure and is buried in Iran where he was receiving treatment.
  • One of two things will happen with Iran. President Bush will come to the realization that the international community is not going to do anything about Iran. So Bush will threaten Iran with unilateral military action if he doesn’t give up his nuclear program. Iran will not give up its nuclear program and we will send in an air strike to destroy it. Democrats, the Main Stream Media and most of Europe will denounce Bush as a warmongering cowboy, or the US does nothing until Iran conducts a nuclear bomb test, announcing to the world that they are now a nuclear power. Democrats will blame Bush for failing to take action and suggest impeachment for misleading congress about the advanced state of the Iranian nuclear program. Either way it is Bush’s fault.
  • There will be more violence in France from rioters. The media will continue to mis-represent the rioters by calling them angry youths, or migrant workers. Make no mistake about it they are Muslim.
  • The left and the media will start to ignore Cindy Sheehan as she is all used up for there cause. Not realizing that her 15 minutes of fame is over she will not go quietly even after being asked too. She will try a run for congress in California and will lose badly.
  • President Bush’s Supreme Court Nomination, Judge Alito, will be confirmed after a long drawn out battle in the Senate. Democrats will probably filibuster. Republicans will not use the nuclear option.
  • The Republican Majority shrinks to a narrow lead in the House and Senate after the 2006 elections. The Democrats pick up an alarming amount of seats in the House due to the disgust of many conservatives who stayed home instead of voting because they are fed up with the direction the Republican Party and its leadership is headed with out of control spending, no focus on eminent domain and private property rights, or doing anything about illegal immigration. (All of these are winning issues) The only reason the Republicans keep there narrow majority is because Americans continue to leave the Democrat Party as the party moves farther to the left to pander to the far left money base. The Republicans fail to see the potential success in playing to their conservative base and believe that the election outcome means they need to move further to the center making the Republican Party as useless as the democrats.
  • In the unlikely event that the Democrats do win control of the house and Senate impeachment proceedings will begin against President Bush.
  • Hilery Clinton will win re-election to her Senate seat in New York easily. She will now begin to focus on the White House. She will continue to try and re-invent herself as a moderate to the American people.
  • John McCain will be considered the front runner by the media through out most of 2006. Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney will make it clear that they are seriously considering running. Rudy Giuliani announces he will not run for President.
  • Condi Rice will take a much more active role in the Bush Administration and becomes an influential newsmaker in 2006. She will continue to claim that she is not running for President in 2008. But she is.
  • Barrak Obama will be a huge campaigning tool for the Democrats in ’06 giving him good national exposure for a possible run in the Democratic primary.
  • Tom Delay will be found not guilty on all charges. Ronnie Earl becomes so unhinged he tries to indict the members of the jury.
  • There is a huge scandal developing in DC that may send some members of Congress to the big house. It will involve both Democrat and Republican members of Congress. At least 7 Congressman will be indicted and some will be found guilty in the Abramoff scandal. Harry Reid will avoid jail time but will loose his minority leadership seat over it.
  • Howard Dean will be forced out of the DNC chair. He will be replaced with someone who has more sex appeal like John Edwards or Bill Clinton.
  • There will be a big buzz about the fair tax plan but just like social security it will fizzle. It takes to much power away from politicians and gives it to the people. Why we can’t let people control there own destination, government must do that for them.
  • Air America will not become a force in the radio air waves in ’06. They will complain that the right has a monopoly on talk radio and that congress should propose legislation to equal the playing field.
  • Illegal immigration will be the red hot issue of ’06. The federal government will start speaking hard rhetoric but will continue to not do much about it. Some frustrated border state governors will take the illegal immigration into their own hands and call on the National Guard to man the border.
  • The economy has a robust year. The real estate bubble does not burst. Real Estate Sales do decline but then pick up again as interest rates begin to fall again. It will be another big year for construction.
  • Unemployment rate remains steadily around 5.1 to 5.8 percent all year.
  • The American Auto Manufacturing Industry has major problems in ’06. Especially GM. Ford is the next auto giant to have massive layoffs. Manufacturing jobs in general continues to decline.
  • Gas prices level out at around $2.20 per gallon and stay there unless there is another Hurricane in the gulf or OPEC cuts production.
  • By the end of 2006 we will begin to see that President Bush’s Prescription Drug Benefit Plan is one of the biggest welfare plans ever assembled and is going to cost the taxpayers one trillion over the next ten years instead of the estimated 300 billion.
  • The movie box office has a bad year as more movie goers stay home to watch movies in the convenience of their own homes on their new Home Theatre Entertainment Systems. We may actually see DVDs released the same day as the theatre release date by the end of 2006.
  • The Chicago Bears defeat the Indianapolis Colts 17-10. Bears score winning TD on defense. Brian Urlacher is named Super Bowl MVP.
  • In NASCAR Greg Biffle wins the Daytona 500. Tony Stewart has another good year but is edged out by Dale Earnhardt Jr for the Nextel Cup. Rousch Racing has another good year putting 3 drivers into the chase for the cup.

There they are my predictions for 2006. Feel free to add your own predictions in the comments. I will seal them and lock them up in the My wo Cents Worth vault until next year.

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