Friday, August 18, 2006

Did the Dept. of Homeland Security compromise our airport security to terrorists?

This is so outrageous it's almost unbelievable and definately unacceptable. If you ever plan on flying a commercial airliner know that your safety has been extremely compromised by the Department of Homeland Security.

Here's what happened: In June, The Department of Homeland Security took CAIR...the Council on American-Islamic Relations, on a tour of security facilities at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Where they got to see screening procedures, interview rooms and a rundown on the passenger lookout system. So basically a terrorists dream tour of one of the bussiest airports in the world.

So why should we be so outraged by this? After all, isn't CAIR just a civil rights organization like the NAACP? Well, that is what CAIR would like for all of us to believe. The truth is CAIR is an organization with direct ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine, a front group for the terrorist organization Hamas. There is also evidence to ties with Al Qaeda.

Here is another little twist. A number of people in CAIR management have been arrested and convicted on terrorism charges.

Hey, don't take my word for it, here is your link to my research from the intelligence summit:
[PPT] CAIR Civil Liberties Group or Terror Front?

Perhaps this explains why CAIR has never expressed any outrage against atrocities committed by Islamic Facsist Terrorists but let the President call terrorists Islamic and all of a sudden there is outrage.

The people conducting the tour, always desperate for the politically correct approval of the enemy, assured CAIR that Muslims weren't singled out for special screening. We're sure our friends at Al-Qaeda headquarters are pleased. I bet they are also happy that airport screeners at O'Hare undergo Muslim sensitivity training.

All of this further supports the assertion that airport security is nothing but a joke and we're just asking almost begging for another attack.

It truly amazes me that we know who the enemy is, yet we refuse to do anything about it, for fear of offending someone.

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