Saturday, August 19, 2006

More Hate Mail...

You know you guys are really getting good at this hate mail thing...I mean some of these have really got to me. I mean ... I'm used to getting hate mail and all ... But when I first read this on Thursday I fell into a state of depression and went on a drinking binge that lasted until late last night early this morning. I was suicidal! Thank God I looked in the mirror and saw all that I have to live for.

Here you are .. enjoy the email.

It is so clear that wherever you choose to act out your life would have been a much better place without you there. You seem to have the personality and presence of a festering, rotting corpse dumped by the roadside. It is a shame you didn't stay in Iraq so you could become a useless pawn for a demented President. At least the rest of us would no longer be burdened with your useless, ignorant point of view. I hope I never see your name on a ballot but I look forward to seeing your name in the obituaries one day.


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