Thursday, August 31, 2006

One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. If you haven't been paying attention the media and the left have been reminding us all week long that the whole thing was all President Bush's fault. In fact several democrats held a press conference in New Orleans this week to take advantage of blaming the Bush administration and former FEMA head Mike Brown.

Don't you see the hurricane would have never happened if President Bush had just payed attention and cared about global warming and after the Hurricane hit the complete responsibility fell on George W. Bush's shoulders not the state and local government. Makes you wonder if these people want a president or a King...

It is true, President Bush may have been able to handle the situation better. But why is it to this day he gets all the blame. Why has no one held the officials in Louisiana to account for their botched handling of the disaster. When will the Democrats that run that state receive the proper blame? Mayor Ray Nagin not ordering an evacuation earlier. Allowing hundreds of school buses to that could have been used to evacuate people go under water. What about Governor Blanco for not asking for federal assistance when it was clear she needed it... I'm still waiting.

They were held accountable here at MTCW. Here is almost everything I have wrote about Hurricane Katrina from the MTCW archives.

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