Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israel is showing the world how to fight the war on terror

Israel has been fighting terrorism for well as long as I can remember but just recently they were forced to escalate the way they fight that war when Hezbollah kidnapped soldiers and before that was randomly launching missles into Israel.

Israel has every right to defend themselves by using any means of force they feel is neccessary and that is exactly what they are doing.

Israel is taking a lot of heat from the U.N. and Euro weinies on what they say is an over aggressive approach. I tend to dissagree with that.

Israel and the Western World is fighting for their very existence against Islamic fascists. Israel understands this most of the Western World seems to have somehow missed the memo.

Israel is teaching us how to fight a war and how to fight the war on terror. If we would have fought the Iraq war the way Israel is fighting, we wouldn't even be in Iraq right now and a lot more American Soldiers would be alive.

By the way... Is there any doubt in anyones mind that this is a World War? I mean I have been calling it that since the 9-11 attacks, but finally I see some members of the press calling it WWIII. Of course they still do not have it right. WWIII was the cold war, the war on terror is WWVI.

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Jason said...

Israel and people like you are going to destroy the world with your war.