Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sen. Joe Lieberman Vows Independent Run After Primary Loss Despite Democratic Opposition

My favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman was punished by the anti-war, peace-at-any-price voters in Connecticut Tuesday night for one thing: supporting the war against Islamic terrorism in Iraq and standing beside President Bush to fight it. One must wonder if the outcome of the election would have been different if the election was Wednesday night...anyways

A candidate with lots of money and little political experience, Ned Lamont, picked off Lieberman by 4 points in the Democratic primary. Lieberman says he will now run as an independent in the fall election, which is just 3 months away despite the Democrat parties opposition.

I have never sent money to anyone as liberal as Sen. Joe Lieberman but I am sending his campaign a check today because we need his support in the war on terror and I truly believe he can win as an independent in Connecticut.

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