Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hate Mail

Every now and then I get some hate mail that I just can't resist sharing. Here is a e-mail I got from Eric. Apparently Eric doesn't like me to well... Oh well.

i find you to be one of the most vile human beings on Earth. Although i don't wish evil on anyone, i would not care one bit if you died a painful, and agonizing death. you are a sick twisted hateful person.

People like you spread hate, start wars and cause the death of the innocent.

YOU are the hater of mankind. I read the headlines of some of your posts and read a couple. It is hard for me to comprehend that anyone can have such hatred within him. It is quite obvious that you would support the neo-nazi-conservatives like Bush. Someday you will have to answer for your evilness, and it won't be to anyone here on earth. A Greater Power than you or I will be the judge. If you don't believe that, then you don't believe in the Bible.


Wow!!! I may actually loose sleep over this one.... or not.

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