Saturday, August 19, 2006

They can't stop Joe Lieberman.

Democrats have been putting pressure on Joe Lieberman to drop out of the Senate race in Connecticut and are talking about stripping Joe Lieberman of his seniority within the Democratic caucus if he does not drop out of the race for re-election.

You know I have hardly ever agreed with Joe Lieberman on any issue. Which is no surprise...I mean he is a liberal. However, there is one issue that I agree with him on and it is one of the most important issues of the day. That is we must continue to fight the war on terror and stay the course in Iraq.

Of course this is the issue that has basically gotten poor Joe kicked to the curb without a key back in to the Democrat Party.

You know it is almost painful to watch the Democrat Party turn on their own and do this to Joe Lieberman. What is not painful to watch is the continuous self destruction of the Democrat Party. When the party leaves a liberal like Joe Lieberman behind there is not much farther left they can go is there?

To bad for the Democrat Party, Joe leads the polls by 12 points and looks likely to win.

You know if the Democrat Party was smart they would start supporting the war effort like Lieberman but that will never happen because that would mean that they would have to start giving credit to President Bush and that is never going to happen.

President Bush could walk out to the Potomac River, walk on top of the water, and the Democrats would hold a press conference claiming the President can't swim!

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