Monday, August 21, 2006

John McCain makes some good points about Iraq on Meet the Press.

John McCain sat down with David Gregory on Meet the Press Sunday and talked about the situation in Iraq and how we should be fighting the war differently.

Here is full video transcript
and written transcript of Sundays Meet the Press.

McCain admits that things are not going as well as planned there but does not believe it is a lost cost and says that just like most Americans he is frustrated with the way the war is going.

McCain continues to say we need more troops on the ground in Iraq. This is a view that I have never agreed with McCain on until now. I have always felt that more troops would just mean more targets for terrorists with suicide bombs to attack, but McCain brings up a real good point on why we need more troops.

McCain says that because we don't have enough troops in Iraq we go in clear out a city of terrorists like Fallujah and then leave and the terrorists funnel back in to the city. If we had more troops we could clear the city and remain in control of the situation. If you think about it, McCain is absolutely right. How many times have we had to clear cities like Fallujah and Aramadi?

McCain goes on to say that he doesn't think we are winning the war in Iraq, but doesn't believe that civil war has begun there. He also doesn't believe it is like Vietnam and says the situation is salvageable and that we must prevail and we must win Iraq.

You know there is a lot of things that John McCain and I do not agree on, but I believe that he is right on the money on Iraq.

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