Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today is National Airborne Day

Today is National Airborne Day. A day to commemorate the first official Army parachute jump that took place on August 16, 1940. We salute a distinguished group of individuals who volunteered to be in the first parachute test platoon.
Think about that for a moment... volunteered to be the first to test jumping out of an airplane... not knowing if the chute was actually going to work or not... that takes balls.
Yeah sure I jump out of planes but hundreds have gone before me, these guys were the first. I am not sure I could have done that.
So today I thank these brave men whose courage and dedication have earned them a cherished place in American history.

Our Nation's Airborne forces have helped liberate millions from oppression and extend peace and freedom around the world. From the initial tests of this new medium of warfare, to the establishment of venerable units serving today, these brave men and women have expanded the vision and capabilities of our Armed Forces.
The Army designated the first Airborne division on August 15, 1942, and the 82nd Airborne Division set the standard for achievement and built a proud legacy of service. Many units followed in their footsteps, fighting bravely in battle and serving our country with distinction in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other critical missions.

Today's Airborne forces continue the tradition of excellence and determination as we fight the global war on terror.
"On the 7th day God rested and observed his creation. He realized there was evil in the world. So on the 8th day God created the U.S. Paratrooper. Lightining struck, the Earth shook, and the Devil stood at 'parade rest'."
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."- George Orwell
Here are the words paratrooper live by:
Airborne Creed

I am an Airborne Trooper! A PARATROOPER!

I jump by parachute from any plane in flight. I volunteered to do it, knowing well the hazards of my choice. I serve in a mighty Airborne Force- famed for deeds in war- renowned for readiness in peace. It is my pledge in all that I am- in all that I do. I am an elite trooper- a sky trooper- a shock trooper- a spearhead trooper. I blaze the way to far- flung goals- behind, before, above the foe's front line. I know that I may have to fight without support for days on end. Therefore, I keep in mind and body always fit to do my part in any Airborne task. I am self- reliant and unafraid. I shoot true,and march fast and far. I fight hard and excel in art and article of war. I never fail a fellow trooper. I cherrish as a sacred trust the lives of men with whom I serve. Leaders have my fullest loyalty, and those I lead never find me lacking.

I have pride in the Airborne! I never let it down!

In peace, I do not shrink the dullest of duty, not protest the toughest training. My weapons and equipment are always combat ready... I am neat of dress- Military in courtesy- proper in conduct and behavior. In battle, I fear no foe's ability, nor underestimate his prowess, power and guile. I fight him with all my might and skill- ever alert to evade capture or escape trap. I never surrender, though I be the last. My goal in peace or war is to suceed in any mission of the day- or die, if need be, in the try. I belong to a proud and glorious team, the Airborne, the Army, my country. I am its chosen, with pride to fight where others may not go- to serve them well until final victory.

I am a trooper of the sky! I am my nations best! In peace or war I never fail. Anywhere, anytime, in anything- I AM AIRBORNE!

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