Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why you shouldn't vote for any party in November.

Well, we are 69 days away from the election in November that may cost the Republicans control of the House and Senate and give it to the Democrats. Everyone is out there telling you why you should vote for this party over that party. I decided to tell you why you shouldn't vote for any of the parties.

Why you shouldn't vote Republican

There has never been a congress that has blown as much money on vote-buying programs quite like the current Republican congress has. Republicans have become borrow and spend liberals.

There are far too many Republicans who want to take their personal religious beliefs for behavior and make them into the law of the land.

They are unwilling to take advantage of their majority and get things done.

The McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act.

The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit program that is going to cost us trillions.

If they had their way, Terri Schiavo's soul would still not be resting in peace.

They refuse to protect America's borders or do anything about illegal immigration.

No strong support for the FairTax

Why you shouldn't vote Democrat

They seem to be unwilling to defend America from Islamic Fascism ... not now ... not until the price of that defense becomes catastrophic like a nuke going off in a major city or something.

They think terrorism is a law enforcement problem.

They can not stand individualism and personal responsibility.

They don't believe America is great because of its citizens but think America is great because of its government.

They seem to think that income should be distributed to the poor from the rich, instead of earned.

They promote class and race warfare.

Hillary Clinton.

They're joined at the hip with teacher's unions.

Taxes can never be too high for Democrats

The fully intend to turn illegal aliens into Democrat voters and refuse to protect America's borders because of it.

No support for the FairTax.

Why your shouldn't vote Libertarian
With over 50% of the American people harboring a lot of the libertarian party platform beliefs, they can't manage to mount a successful third-party campaign.

Not only will they not defend America from Islamic Fascism, they don't see the threat.

Though philosophically they're right, they fail to see that their "legalize drugs" agenda isn't exactly a winner with the American people.

They never jumped on eminent domain abuse as the party agenda. People will react when they think their property rights are being threatened .... and the Libertarians couldn't take advantage of this.

No strong support for the FairTax..

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