Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Was Iran backing and fighting along side Hezbollah?

So just how much influence did Iran play supporting Hezbollah against Israel?

It is no secret that Iran would love to wipe Israel and America off the face of the Earth. So it should be of no surprise to learn that there is evidence that the so-called Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon are actually soldiers that were trained in Iran. In fact, bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been found among the dead.

Also Hezbollah was forced to abandoned a fighting position leaving behind conclusive evidence that Syria - and almost certainly Iran - provided the anti-tank missiles that were left behind.

And just today Iran is telling Israel to fear their missles while thousands of Iranian citizens take to streets chanting, 'Lebanon won, Israel destroyed'; dozens of ambulances hold procession in show of empathy with casualties of war. Senior religious figure in Iran warns: 'If Israel and US attack us, we will shoot missiles at Tel Aviv'

Are you starting to realize this cease fire was not the best plan of action for Israel.

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