Sunday, July 15, 2007

al-Qaeda in Iran

Well here is something that was pretty damn obvious, the mullahs of Iran linked to al Queda. It seems Iran is being used as a base for terrorists. These terrorists then go into Iraq and kill Iraqis and Americans, with the intended goal of undermining progress in Iraq.

Intelligence sources say that al Qaeda is operating in Iran. No way…are .you kidding…I am shocked! I mean this wasn’t reported on any of Iran’s new government controlled TV news reports.

It seems al-Qaeda operatives are using Iran as a money and commo base. O.K. so it isn’t a training camp, but a terrorist organization must have money and good commo to fight a war.

So, Iran is harboring terrorists, providing weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices (those are road side bombs that blow up HUMVEES our troops ride around in) to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has announced they will wipe the UK, Israel and the U.S. off the face of the Earth on numerous occasions and they are getting closer to having nuclear bombs. Iran is already at war with us, why are we not at war with them?

So, what will we do about the threat of Iran? Probably, nothing until the cost of dealing with Iran will be as great as the cost of dealing with Hitler and Nazi Germany. It’s the same situation, different times folks. Read a history book folks the parallels are clear as day.

Oh hell, I got a better idea. How bout we sit around and worry about “Global Warming” instead. I mean more than 10,600 people have been killed at the hands of Islamic terrorism so far in 2007, “Global Warming” has killed 0. I definitely see the bigger problem for the human race, do you?

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