Monday, July 02, 2007

Ronald Reagan would know how to handle North Korea.

Ronald Reagan would know how to handle North Korea and Iran right along with the other mess we got are self into. I know one thing you sure wouldn't be hearing any of this were "deeply troubled" or "greatly concerned" worthless rhetoric comming from Ronaldus Maximus. Unless the State Department or some diplomats had there way.

Remember Reagan's "tear down this wall" speech? The U.S. State Department tried to prevent Reagan from using those words.

Senior State Department officials tried to obstruct portions of the Berlin speech that Reagan used to contrast communism with freedom and democracy. Some diplomats found the passages too forceful and were unsettled by Reagan's strong moral rhetoric.

Among those who objected to the language was Colin Powell…wow, no surprise there…

Apparently the boys at the State Department didn’t like the “Evil Empire” speech either, but Reagan didn’t listen to them…

As it would turn out Reagan may have been the best diplomat we have ever seen.

We could sure use another Reagan type right about now… sure do miss the gipper.

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