Monday, July 30, 2007

FairTax Rally comming to Iowa

OK all you FairTaxers, mark August 11, 2007 on your calendars, and now make plans to attend the FairTax rally to be held before the republican primary presidential debate in Ames, Iowa.

Events will start at 10:00 a.m. with another Neal Boortz-led rally of music, speeches and appearances by presidential candidates and other invited guests.

Afterward, there will once again be a “march for the FairTax” handing out FairTax literature as well as “gently” reminding the national media and presidential candidates that FairTax supporters cannot be ignored.

In addition, there will be a 2,000 person, air-conditioned tent with food, beverages and entertainment where you can take a break from the day’s activities as well as educate visiting Iowans--and perhaps a presidential candidate or two--about the benefits of the FairTax. You will also have the chance to visit all the presidential candidates’ tents and hear their speeches.

Come on Midwest; let’s show the South we can rally too.

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