Monday, July 09, 2007

"Hilary Care" for the Kids! Aren't you excited!

Bilary Clinton wants to expand her “Hilary Care” to America’s poor children. Free health care for all the poor children. Kind of gives you a happy feeling inside doesn’t it?

So who qualifies for “Hilary Care” as a "poor kid"?

71% of all American children in families of four making up to about $80,000 a year would classify as "poor." That's 400% above the poverty level. Wow ... must be nice to be a poor American in Hillary's world! Until you realize the quality of free health care is just what you pay for. A system funded by taxpayers with no market competition, yeah that should work, just about as well as the government education system…. I wonder if they will call it public health care as well. You know to get that nasty government word out of the equation.

This is Hillary's "step by step" approach, to expanding “Hilary Care.” One "poor" child at a time, the government will become the great "provider."

This goes back to the question I asked on the Fourth of July. Do you want freedom or security? Health care is your responsibility, not the governments. Who in their right mind is willing to hand over their freedom to take care of their own health to the federal government? I know I am not.

The government has no business deciding where I will be medically treated, and by whom. I have the right to make that decision. You have the right to make that decision. Enjoy it while you can though, cause if liberals ever get their way, in the future you will have public health care districts. It will be just like the public school districts. Oh, won’t that be great. I can hardly wait for that.

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