Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fred Thompson answers the question.

Fred Thompson answers the question! The FairTax question that is, he still remains the only person who knows if he is running for President or not.

Fred Thompson at a fundraiser in Houston was asked if he was president and legislation was passed to make the FairTax law if he would sign it. Thompson responded with “Absolutely.”
There are now seven candidates and possible candidates on record for supporting the FairTax, five republicans, one democrat, and one potential republican candidate.

Republicans Candidates in support of the FairTax:

Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter (Co-sponsor of the bill)
Tom Tancredo (Co-sponsor of the bill)
John McCain
Tommy Thompson

Potential Republican Candidates in support FairTax:

Fred Thompson

Democrat Candidates in support of the FairTax:

Mike Gravel

Note: Other Democrat Candidates have failed to give a yes no answer on the FairTax.

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