Monday, July 16, 2007

Country Boy's Random Thoughts.

How about some Country Boy Random Thoughts? Some fans say they are better than most members of Congress' organized thoughts...

Well thanks, but that isn't hard to do. Here they are...

So if Hillery Clinton becomes president that makes Bill the first gentlemen? Argh…that is the last thing he evere deserves to be called.

Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be racing teammates with Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, I wonder if Hendrick Motorsports will discover too many studs in the stable after the same prize always leads to trouble.

A poll of 2,000 British adults last month found that the British are more concerned about terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog poop than they are about “global warming” or “climate change.” Yeah, that is right, it says dog poop. This brings me a whole new respect for the Brits. Bloody dog poop! It is a problem!

Democrats are trying to save the world from Global Warming. Republicans are trying to save the world from Global terrorism. Even if man causes Global Warming, Global Terrorism will destroy us before we can fix Global Warming. Maybe we should focus on the real threat of Global Terrorism. After all, more than 10,600 people have died from Global terrorism so far this year, Global Warming has yet to claim a victim. Well, other than Al Gore's brain, but I think it was already gone anyway.

Bill Clinton lies to a federal grand jury. Scooter Libby lies to a federal grand jury. Both spent the same amount of time in prison for their crime. I don’t understand what the left is upset about.

It seems Dan Rather is not to happy with his replacement. Rather said that Katie Couric was tarting up the news. I wonder how that compares to making up the news.

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