Sunday, July 15, 2007

The continued appeasement of Islam

It is amazing the hypocrisy our government will take when it comes to religions. Christians are not allowed to openly pray in public schools, the Ten Commandments have been stripped off of virtually every government building imaginable. However, it seems the same separation of church and state standard doesn’t apply to Muslims.

If you were to walk into the FBI building in Omaha, Nebraska, there is a giant plaque on the wall from the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the American Muslim Association. Usually the plaque would be covered up by a Christmas tree around the holidays, but somehow I am willing to bet the ACLU is not going to allow that to happen this time around?
This plaque is commemorating the victims of September 11th. Now most of you are probably thinking, what is wrong with that? What do you have against a plaque commemorating the victims of 9-11? Well, here is why, I have done my homework and research and

found that this so called commemoration is nothing less than a PR scam. Here is why:
After 9-11 the Executive Director of Muslim Public Affairs Council, Al-Marayati went on the radio and suggested that Israel had the most to gain by the 9/11 attacks and should be considered the chief suspect.

The Communications Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council was the managing editor of a publication applauding Osama bin Laden as a "great Mujahid," a "philanthropist" and a "freedom fighter."

Richard Gephart (a democrat), while the House minority leader, appointed Al-Marayati to head a National Commission on Terrorism. The appointment was finally rescinded after backlash saying that Al-Marayati has a "long record over many, many years of rationalizing and justifying terrorism."

Yeah, I know it is just a plaque, but can’t you see this for what it is folks. It is the continuous Islamic takeover of society. Today it is a plaque, tomorrow it is getting the local public school to not serve pork and allow Muslim prayer, until they reach the point of dominance in society. One must look no further than Europe to witness this, especially in places like the Netherlands.
The Dutch government used tax dollars to build mosques and madressas (Muslim Schools) among other things. The Dutch were so sure Muslims would assimilate into their culture. Instead they ended up with more than a million Muslims that opted for radical Islam. You know the type, like the ones that slaughtered film maker Theo Van Gogh in broad daylight.

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