Monday, July 09, 2007

Colin Bruley should have been honored for courage, instead he was fired!

Meet real genuine hero Colin Bruley. Bruley is 24 years old and worked and lived as a leasing agent at an apartment complex in Jacksonville, FL. When Bruley was faced with a decision requiring immediate action that most people will never have to face in their lifetime, he acted. His heroic actions saved a young woman’s life.

At approximately 2 a.m. Bruley was awakened by screams from a neighbor that said she had been shot. So, not knowing the current situation, whether the shooter was still there or if he may come out of an apartment door at any moment, Burley grabbed his shotgun and went outside to help the woman.

Arriving on the scene Bruley found Tonetta Lee covered in blood and bleeding heavily from her right leg. Bruley hands the shotgun to a neighbor and begins administering first aid. He tied a tourniquet to her leg and then waiting for the police and ambulance to show up.
What a great story and act of heroic measures, why I bet Colin Bruley was honored for his actions to save this woman’s life…not so much…

The Oaks at Mill Creek apartment complex calls him in to find out what happened. A few hours later, they call him back in…to deliver this message:

You’re fired!!! That’s right, no thank you, no praise, no recognition of bravery, none of that.
According to the owner of the apartments, the Village Green Companies, “Colin demonstrated extremely poor judgment in responding to this situation.” It seems he also violated the rules in the employee handbook. Oh my, that must be one hell of a handbook to deal with situations like this. What part did he violate? Well, the know weapons in the workplace part of course.
Colin Bruley acted courageously and saved a woman’s life. He should have been given a medal and a parade, but instead he is given the boot.

Now, let’s take a look at what very likely would have happened had Colin Bruley not acted and just stayed in his room minding his own business.

Depending on how bad the wound was, a wound needing a tourniquet can cause you to lose massive amounts of blood in a short period of time unless a tourniquet is applied. The young woman would have no doubt bled to death before the police or ambulance would have showed up, but Colin Bruley would still have a job.

A lot of people would suggest that Colin Bruley shouldn’t have had the Shotgun since it was in the handbook. Others will say he shouldn’t have acted at all and just minded his own business; after all, this is a police matter. Bruley took the law into his own hands. This mindset is showing up more frequently throughout society. Thank God for Tonetta Lee’s sake that Colin Bruley thought differently.

Colin Bruley, you can be my neighbor any day…oh and bring your shotgun.

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Paige Mobley said...

Hey you know what I agree 100%. my name is Paige Mobley and Colin bruley is my cousin. he is my mom's sister inlaws son, and its sooo unfair what they did to him. I mean if you were in my family you would probably hear the story about 5 times a day but it really made me think how unfair the world is today.