Monday, July 02, 2007

Democrats fear a Fred Thompson run.

Fred Thompson has democrats running scared. They are actually advising campaigners how to attack the former actor and Tennessee senator and he has yet to announce he is running.

According to the newspaper The Politico they have launched a pre-emptive strike against Thompson.

Really? I thought democrats didn’t believe in pre-emptive strikes…oh wait…that only counts when it comes to dealing with ruthless dictators like Saddam and Fred Thompson is worse than Saddam…why he is a no good Republican, and the worse kind too…a conservative.

So, what issues are they going to go after him on? Oh…that’s right, they don’t like to talk about issues, they are going to attack him on the grounds that he is not a DC outsider…he has made money being a lobbyist, and oh no…he raised money for Scooter Libby’s defense fund! (gasp) Oh My God!!! Scooter Libby…why isn’t he the son of the devil??? Oh wait that’s Vice President Cheney…I forgot.

Oh, how dare he use connections from DC to boost his career, as an actor I mean isn’t networking illegal? In fact how dare he make money as a Republican at all, who does he think he is!!!…Criminal I tell you…evil.

I mean clearly the man should have made his money the honorable way. You know like the Clinton’s

Democratic strategists fear the combination of his conservatism; southern charm and populist style could make him a hard man to beat in 2008. Some polls have already placed him in the top two Republicans, underlining the weakness of his rivals.

Why are they so scared? I mean the media and the left have been telling us for years that Republicans have to move to the middle to win. They keep telling us that there are more moderates and liberals than conservatives.

If that is so, then why do republicans win when they run and act like conservatives and lose when they leave their conservative principles and move to the middle? I mean if what they say about America is right then why all the fear over Fred Thompson. They should be welcoming him with opens arms. If what they say is true, Thompson is a sure loser.


No Sale On Fred Thompson said...

I dont fear his run. I fear a man with no executive experience, a record of voting for amnesty, a man whoss only interest served is his own, being the President.

Fred isnt qualified to lead the boy scouts, let alone the country.

But hey I hear his wife has huge tits, that should qualify him! N O T

Jack said...

Thompson's record? Don't make me laugh! Obama has done? And Hilary has done?