Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are losing the global war on terror, not on the battle, at home.

We are slowly losing the global war on terror, but not on the battlefield. No, the American Soldier continues to fight and win this war militarily. In fact, I cannot think of one military battle we have lost in this war. We are losing this war the only place we know how at home and in the halls of Congress.

A new report out yesterday says al-Qaeda is now up to operating strength it had prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks against the United States and are showing greater and greater ability to plan attacks in Europe and the United States. It also claims they have created a robust training program.

The Central Intelligence Agency is on board with the analysis and a CIA official told congress on Thursday that al-Qaeda is “pretty well settled into the safe haven and ungoverned spaces of Pakistan” where they are seeing more training, more money and more communications and activity.

So, there is still a threat, and the threat is getting bigger. So why does it seem that we and the West in general are more concerned about offending Muslims feelings than we are recognizing the obvious, which is not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists have been Muslims, in recent times.

Even the new British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in the wake of the terrorists attempted attacks, has instructed his government to not use the word Islamic or Muslim in connection with terrorism. The Muslim terrorists still want to control, dominate, and subjugate all things not Islamic and the world is worried about offending them.

Sure we are fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, but this is just a tip of the iceberg. Al-Qaeda is still allowed safe haven in Pakistan, Iran and other places. They continue to recruit and hang out in their safe havens until they are called upon to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Until we change the way we fight this war, until we recognize this is a World War, and we are truly fighting for the survival of our very own existence, this war will never end. It will just continue forever. If we had fought Nazi Germany in WWII the way we are fighting the war on terror, there is no doubt we would have lost the war, or would still be fighting it.

Here are just some thoughts that come to mind today. Where is al-Qaeda getting its money from? Iran? The money is coming from somewhere. Why is Pakistan and Iran permitted to harbor al-Qaeda? Why are we not taking these training camps out with air strikes as I write this? Why is America looking so weak in the face of an enemy…and finally not if, it is really not a matter of if anymore, it is a matter of when will these terrorists hit America again? Where will it happen and how many people will die? And what will America do at that point. Will that be the ultimate wake up call to finally take the threat seriously, or will we chose to retreat and live in constant fear hoping and praying that they just leave us alone.

We already know the answer to this if Congress gets to make that decision. In the midst of these reports they passed a bill for the complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq. What an amazing act of cowardliness.

Some of these same politicians voting for the withdrawal previously voted for the war!

This makes about as much sense as deciding to fight the meanest S.O.B in a bar, then half way through the fight, “My bad, I made a mistake, I don’t want to fight anymore.” Anyone who takes this approach is sure to have their teeth kicked in.

The thing is al-Qaeda and our enemies know they can not beat us in battle. So, they take the fight to where they know they can beat us. They fight a propaganda war, and they are getting good at it. They create massive chaos, the media reports all the chaos, and people begin to lose support for the war. Congress tries to run the war policy, instead of letting the Soldiers do their job. While the President loses authority over the situation and the troops have their hands tied behind their backs. It is the Vietnam syndrome and just like Vietnam we are one Tet Offensive or one major terrorist attack away from completely pulling out of Iraq. By the way did you know the Tet Offensive was actually a military victory for U.S. Troops? The media was able to portray it differently though.

As for the members of Congress who voted for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. I have a few words for you.

You have sent a message to our enemies that the U.S. is weak and does not have the will to continue the fight. You also send a clear message to our allies that America can not be trusted to stand with them ever again as they will reap the consequences of supporting us if we pull out. You have sent a message to all the members of our military that their lives and time are completely expendable and there sacrifice has been for nothing. I am sure many of the Soldiers who have spent a better of 3 out of the last 5 years in iraq are thrilled that they will never get those 3 years of their life back.

It is no surprise that mostly dumbocrats voted for this. They have always been the party to undermine the efforts of our Soldiers. They have been doing it since Vietnam, but I have a message for republicans who voted to withdrawal troops as well, you can start looking for new jobs. In seeking to secure your prized job as a Congressman, you have proven to be out of touch with the base of the party and are part of the reason the Republican Party is nothing more than a huge piece of elephant crap. The reason the party continues to lose approval, money and support is NOT because of the war! You stupid morons! It is because you have all been acting like the jack ass symbol of the Dumbocrat Party. It is because you keep reaching across the aisle to cooperate with dumbocrats on issues like the amnesty bill.

I completely assure you I am not alone in my disdain for the Republican Party.

Now, I know this withdrawal bill has very little chance of actually making it through the Senate and if somehow it does President Bush will vetoe it. I know this is a vote getting stunt for the dumbocrats, but here is the problem with that.

The tribal leaders of Iraq have been reluctant to cooperate with Americans for fear that we were not going to be able to provide proper security. Since the surge started showing progress they have recently began to take a stand against the insurgents and terrorists in Iraq, now that it looks like we may cut and run leaving them to defend there own they will probably now be thinking they are better off supporting the people that are killing our Soldiers.

This war will not and can not be won in the halls of Congress, but it damn sure can be lost their.
Congress should do their job by funding the war, then get the hell out of the way and let the Soldiers fight it.

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